The Farm

Our farm was born in 2016, from a project of my youth connected to my adolescence and to my peasant origins on both maternal and paternal sides.
On our farm we cultivate using natural techniques, following some guidelines of Masanobu Fukuoka’s Natural Agriculture, Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic Agriculture and Emilia Hazelip’s Synergistic Agriculture, our project is based on the logic of “PERMACULTURE”, creating a complete, sustainable and ethical agricultural ecosystem of land use.
Our land, which is almost 14 hectares, is located between Genoa and Mele.
These lands have different characteristics, such as the type of soil, temperature, humidity and as well as exposure; this allows us to cultivate our seasonal products at different times, trying to find the best synergy with the surrounding nature. we don’t use chemicals even if allowed in Organic Farming; the only treatments to some crops such as vineyards are decoctions of nettles and garlic, the land is fertilized with the manure of our donkeys, which are fed with grass and hay cut in the meadows

Our farm comprises three different lands for a total of 14 hectares:
6 hectares for agriculture, 4 hectares of chestnut and oak woods and 4 hectares for pasture and hay for our animals. There are:

The Land in Acquasanta (Genoa) “Tetta Crave”

The Lands in Mele “Terre del Negrin”

The Land at the Biscaccia (Mele) “Terre dei Bravin”

Year after year the types of crops increase and therefore also the machinery required. We have recently acquired a tractor and a stone mill with which we have started to grind our wheat, chickpeas and maize, producing top quality flour for pasta, farinata, panissa and polenta.

Our company also sells the seasonal vegetables we grow at our premises in Via Acquasanta 47, where customers can come and pick up the products they have ordered or wait for home delivery during the week (mainly in the evening).
To order your vegetables simply contact us by email or phone, we also have WhatsApp groups where we publish the list of vegetables every week.